Exzeo Knockathon

August 5- 6, 2016

What is it?

Knockathon (or Hackathon, in general) is a very popular event in which computer programmers and others involved in software and hardware development, collaborate intensively to create a software or a hardware or even massage a data that is useful for someone.

Note the "intense" word in the above definition.

Yes, as a participant, one has to demonstrate great focus and willingness to take any shape in order to get something useful done within a time frame of 24-36 hours. It also means sleepless nights, a lot of energy drinks, fun, and obviously rewards.

The key to success is the IDEA. When you conceptualize an idea, keep in mind that you don't need an innovative one or at the same time a "copy-paste" one.

All you need is a winning idea. The one that you can complete with the pressure that builds up when time goes by and odds of losing the game due to missing use cases etc.

Most of all, it is an overall performance of a team starting from "Ideation" to "Presentation".

Now, get over to Google and search for some inspirations. More importantly, make sure you thoroughly understand the rules and guidelines.

Rules and Guidelines

Team Formation

  • Each team should have minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 team members. This is very important.
  • Each team should have people playing two different roles –
    • Champs– those who know how to create something, such as writing code or making maps. In other words, the technical role.
    • Hustlers– those who can plan, ideate, present, design etc. In other words, the non-technical role.
  • We recommend, 1 hustler and 2 champs if you're 3 in size or 1 hustler and 3 champs if you're 4 in size. But there is no hard-rule in how you want to spread your team.
  • Also, it is mandatory for a team to stay in office during the Knockathon event till the Working demo presentation. Ladies who are willing to stay in office during the night are welcome. But, if they prefer to hack from home, that is fine too.

Registration Process

  • The process is simple. Click here to know the details. register now.
  • Don't forget to collect your swags from the registration desk on August 5, 2016 at 1800 hours. It is only for participants. :)

Rejection Criteria

  • Knockathon starts on Friday, August 5, 2016 at 1800 hours and ends on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 2400 hours (mid-night). Any code committed into your Github repo after the deadline, will be rejected for your final build. But, there can be extreme cases. You may want to find legitimate reasons to convince the Knockathon team.
  • During the concept demo on Saturday morning, we merely look for some scribbled designs on a paper. Don't waste your time on making PPT or some neat design. However, if you don't have any solid idea, you can also provide the options you have in front you.

    In case, your idea collides with someone else's or is a rip-off of some well-known app, it will be rejected or advised to change.

  • During the event, it is mandatory for team members (except for ladies) to stay in office. If found otherwise, it may be a reason for rejection.


  • There will be three presentations –
    • Idea Presentation – An hour after registration. This is going to be a very quick, punch line presentation on your idea to other teams. This presentation is to avoid confusions among other teams in case they end up thinking the same idea as yours.
    • Concept Presentation – You'll be presenting the concept. There may be eliminations if found the idea is copied or not complying with the theme. However, you can always rethink a new one! It means, the idea could be rejected but, the team can go back to their drawing boards.
    • Working Demo – In the last checkpoint of the day, you will present a demo of your app / product in front of all your competitors.
    • Final Presentation – You will present a working demo of your app / product in front of all your colleagues and the panel. They are going to vote to show their love.

      Note: The audience vote accounts for 30% of the total score. The voting will be anonymous.

Schedule & Timelines

Day Time slot Remarks
Fri, 5th 1800 – 1900 hours Registration desk opens
1900 hours Opening Bell
1900 – 1930 hours Team introductions to others, followed by idea presentation
1930 – 0700 hours (+1) Plan, Eat, Hack Plan, Eat, Hack
Sat, 6th 0830 – 1000 hours Idea Mockup - Presentation to Panel
0900 – 1100 hours Teams brain storm, place cards, planning phase
1100 – 1800 hours Eat, Hack, Eat, Hack
1800 – 2000 hours Concept Presentation
2000 – 2400 hours Make final changes, if you feel like, or leave
Mon, 8th 1700 – 1900 hours Final Demo

Final Demo Criteria

  • You should have a complete application that functions well. Bugs are okay but should not catch our eyes. Make sure you do a good job of hiding them.
  • Note that all of your colleagues are going to vote and they are biased. However, your presentation and quality of the app / web app, should convince them to change their mind.
  • We don't review the code or architecture you've used, or whether you followed the design principles nor unit tests. Don't waste your time making solid code rather focus on fine tuning the user experience and presentation.
  • Audience will be asking questions during your presentation, make sure entire team is answering the questions. This shows how confident your team is on the business aspect of your app.

Knockathon Teams

Here is the current status of teams participating in Knockathon. You don't see your name yet? Isn't that sad?

Register now, you may not have slots in the teams as they are limited to 2-5 per team.

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Register now

OK. So you're interested.

There are two ways you can participate in Knockathon 2016. One, as a team member by joining some team or two, start your own team.

To create your own Knockathon team, follow these steps –

  • Create a new organization in tryexzeo.com. You may want to use a new email address for that purpose. Feel free to use gmail.com or any other free email service providers.
  • When you enter your organization name, have it prefixed with knockathon-, for example, knockathon-pandavs, knockathon-tigers to name a few. Make it sound cool and edgy. This step is very important.
  • Look out for your team members. You need to sell your reputation in order to convince someone to join you instead of you joining the other team.
  • Read the rules and guidelines to make sure your team is not rejected during registration. Send out invitations from your Exzeo organization account, those who are interested can join you that way.

To join an awesome team, follow these steps –

  • You will receive invitation emails to join an organization, don't just go easy. Discuss and understand why you need to join their team. Once you're convinced accept the invitation. Make sure the role you're going to play correlates with your interest.
  • If no one has invited you, DO NOT WORRY! Create your own team. Don't laugh. Throw the shyness away and get ready to knock others off. Don't give up. It is okay to loose than not fighting for it. After all, Knockathon is an internal event.
  • Read rules and guidelines to make sure you understand and help others.

You are ready to knockout. Good luck!